Poetry From The Archives

I’ve begun the gradual pull of things of items from archives into the new site. For the moment I have picked two poems from 1994 – 1995 which is the period when I was first diagnosed with a mental illness.

These poems are not obviously poems related to my mental illness (there are others, which I probably won’t share, which are), but the fact I was writing poetry at all had more to do with a need to express myself due to being in crisis than due to fancying myself as a poet or an author of fiction.

The first poem is Thoughts on a New Room which is fairly self-explanatory for those who have lived the poor student life and have boarded in a dwelling with a room and shared common facilities.

The second poem is About the Trash which is about a bar I visited a few times while unsuccessfully trying to deal with loneliness and depression. That has never been my scene and I doubt it ever will be.

By Daniel Dickinson

I’ve had quite an interesting (read challenging) life and managed to do some pretty good work despite all of that. On this site, however, I am mostly focused on topics that are either personal or political, rather than ‘real work’ like firmware development, web development, work history, and the various professional and hobby activities that are what far too many folks see as the only things that make a person’s life valuable or make a person’s life matter.