Frontline Still Forgotten

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In a previous post I opined that we need to remember forgotten frontline workers like grocery clerks, on the assumption that health care, including LTC (long term care) workers were not forgotten. I was apparently too optimistic based on an letter to the editor on Our seniors and those who care for them are being forgotten, and the provincial government is even shielding the corporate operators from liability for putting profits over people. This is unacceptable. So much for Doug Ford’s thundering about

I will move heaven and earth to do what is right, to help these people, to help those who need us. That is our job

– Doug Ford, May 26, As quoted in a letter to the editor of

As someone else put it, in another place, “Looking sincere on television isn’t enough Mr. Ford”.

By Daniel Dickinson

I’ve had quite an interesting (read challenging) life and managed to do some pretty good work despite all of that. On this site, however, I am mostly focused on topics that are either personal or political, rather than ‘real work’ like firmware development, web development, work history, and the various professional and hobby activities that are what far too many folks see as the only things that make a person’s life valuable or make a person’s life matter.