Renaming Blog

An outline drawing of a 'cube' truck / delivery van

I’ve decided to rename my blog (although I will be maintaining redirects from the old addresses of and I did this because the ‘cshore/c-shore’ domain space is quite crowded and I am hoping by making my blog domain name and title more unique that it will be more easily found in search engines.

Yes I know the site logo needs updating as does the About page. That will be occurring ‘soon’.

UPDATE: I’ve got logos of sorts and a bit of an edit to the About page. Maybe someday I’ll make them really spiffy…

By Daniel Dickinson

I’ve had quite an interesting (read challenging) life and managed to do some pretty good work despite all of that. On this site, however, I am mostly focused on topics that are either personal or political, rather than ‘real work’ like firmware development, web development, work history, and the various professional and hobby activities that are what far too many folks see as the only things that make a person’s life valuable or make a person’s life matter.