‘Fixer Upper’

Graphic representing an large office high rise being demolished

I’ve fixed some issues with the site that resulted from the change of primary domain, especially redirection of ‘pretty names’ to page permalink. (That is https://any-of-my-domains.example.com/a-blog-post now properly redirects to https://www.primary-domain.example.com/[year (4 digits)]/[month (2 digits)]/[day (2 digits)]/a-blog-post).

I’m also going to go through an edit cycle on my pages, which may take some time. I have a tendency to wonder if anyone other than bots even access this blog and/or just feel like I want to get a post up quickly. As a result, and since this blog/site is currently only operated by myself (Daniel Dickinson), I don’t have the option of asking someone else to proofread. This can lead to some sub-optimal results.

I am planning on making some additional changes — but not so major as the domain change — and also to slow down on posts for bit as I review past posts and pages. Hopefully this means my search engine rankings will repair themselves. (But please don’t bother trying to sell me SEO; I am not monetizing this site and it doesn’t really matter if it is popular. I post more for myself and in vague hopes someone will find my efforts useful or informative, rather than for fame or riches).

If you don’t see much obvious happening on the site for a while, this is why.

By Daniel Dickinson

I’ve had quite an interesting (read challenging) life and managed to do some pretty good work despite all of that. On this site, however, I am mostly focused on topics that are either personal or political, rather than ‘real work’ like firmware development, web development, work history, and the various professional and hobby activities that are what far too many folks see as the only things that make a person’s life valuable or make a person’s life matter.