Midland Election 2018

Pages from a very basic website created to publish information relating to the Town of Midland 2018 Election as seen by a constituent by the name of Daniel Dickinson.

The initial purpose of the site was merely to host questions Daniel Dickinson asked of all candidates based on concerns he was hearing from others combined with his own priorities. While, after taking the site live Daniel considered adding commentary and opinion related to the election, he found out about the 2016 changes to third party advertising rules and needed to find out more information to ensure he was not on contravention of this new legislation.

Daniel’s understanding is that the Q&A (which does not support or disapprove of any candidate, but merely provides the option for any candidate to respond to the questions), nor issues-based opinion and commentary, is prohibited, but supporting (or disapproving of) candidates would require third party advertiser registration, even though the site is not costing him anything above what he already pays for hosting of his own servers (and of course his time).

Candidate Q & A #1 (9)

Questions for, and answers by, candidates in the Town of Midland 2018 election.