Midland Election 2018 Candidate Q&A, Answers #1

The Question

How much do you know about what the new Downtown Safety Committee is working on, and how prepared are you to listen to and implement their recommendations?

Carole McGinn (Nicols) – Wednesday, September 19th 2018

I can’t know everything about all things but I can know who to ask and then go see them. That is a very important first sentence. Other people and groups have their area of expertise and passion. Knowing this means that I can respect this as well. I am not on that committee and therefore was not privy to what they as a group drafted this Monday. The practice after drafting is to present to council. Which they will do. In the mean time, I will go see Scott and listen and drink coffee. How much do I know. I know who they are, that they are very involved and invested in our community and have been from a place of both community safety and care trying to get a plan approved and accepted for far too long. Will I listen. I have two ears and one mouth. Will I respond with action. They are a part of the community and it is a responsibility as a human and (if) elect to value the views, works and expertise of others. Yes I will respond with action. It is about time for people to validate others input, works, ideas and investment (time, mind, resources, community pride) I do have a deep trusting relationship with many of our street involved persons and they too have opinions on safety, the causes of unsafe communities and how to assist, making changes for the betterment of everyone.

Jonathan Reid – Friday, September 21st 2018

I do not know much about the new Down Town Safety Committee and what they are working on, I am prepared to listen and implement any recommendations that are REASONABLE. I am 36 years old and have lived in Midland for over 30 years. I believe as individuals we all have a part to do when it comes to the safety of our community. I will not support any excessive spending on ideas that are not fully embraced by the community, and if they do not make since. But I will listen and champion any ideas I hear that are reasonable, do not expose certain individuals to unnecessary alienation by police and the community etc.

Bill Gordon – Saturday, September 22nd 2018

From the town’s website: “The Community Safety Task Force is an Ad Hoc Committee of Council that was formed in April 2018 to undertake a community and stakeholder consultation process for the purpose of developing a Community Safety Plan. It is also tasked with looking at safety concerns in Downtown Midland based on concerns brought forward by stakeholders and businesses in the downtown core. The Task Force membership includes several key stakeholders within the Town (see the list on the right of this page). The first meeting was held in early May 2018.”

The stakeholders are:

  • Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)
  • County of Simcoe
  • Guesthouse Shelter
  • Midland BIA
  • Midland Police Services Board
  • Midland Public Library
  • Ontario Provincial Police (Southern Georgian Bay Detachment)
  • Salvation Army

If you would like to learn more about the background and staff report that gave rise to the task force, you can [follow this link](https://www.midland.ca/Shared%20Documents/CSTF%20page/CAO-2018-08_Community_Safety_Considerations_Budget_2018_Implications_FINAL.pdf) or simply visit the town’s [webpage for this initiative](https://www.midland.ca/Pages/CSTF.aspx) [Link moved — CivicWeb now? — 2021-12-06]

My background includes over two decades of local community safety and I have direct experience working with Midland’s marginalized. The answer to your question is a resounding “yes”. I will review the recommendations and work with Council to implement them in a timely and responsible manner. Working with our community partners for the wellbeing and safety of all our residents is a core mandate of Municipal Council.

*Answered on [Bill Gordon’s Website: Q & A Time With Voters – Volume 2](https://www.billgordon.ca/q-a-time-with-voters-volume-2/). [Link dead 2021-12-06]

Cher Cunningham – Monday, September 24 2018

I have read the report and recommendations from the Downtown Safety Committee and am impressed with the track they are on. You will see their report at the September 24 meeting of Council (this evening). Specifically, the understanding that at its heart this is a social and medical issue not just a legal or policing issue. Working with other rural Ontario towns and our mental health partners is key. Especially as the Community Safety Plan is being considered by all municipalities at this time as it is legally required by the province to have a local Community Safety Plan.

Stewart Strathearn – Monday, September 24 2018

Requested that due to time constraints that I point to his website: [Elect Stewart Strathearn for Mayor](https://stewartstrathearn.ca/) — and noted that he asks constituents use a contact method listed on that site, or on the Town website, or otherwise public, to ask him the questions they have in person, if the website proves insufficient — after helping me with a council matter, and having a wide-ranging discussion.

Jonathan Main – Tuesday, September 25 2018

I was greatly pleased to see the report received September 24th that outlines measures to improve downtown safety. As I have said before, and we continue to advocate for, the solution is to improve the built environment/public realm to be more inclusive and pedestrian friendly. The Town does not directly provide social services, but we do have the responsibility of building and maintaining our streets. Simple public realm improvements like benches, pedestrian lighting, traffic calming and pedestrian facilities, and street trees help build a pedestrian friendly and safe environment. There is a lot of information regarding CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) so that is the area that the Town should focus on in the short term. Long term solutions as mentioned in the report include better coordination between social service providers with a specific focus on “Housing First” approach to dealing with homelessness. Medicine Hat, Alberta is the poster child for Housing First as they successfully reduced homelessness in their community.

Elliot Sheaves – Tuesday, September 25 2018

Prefers to answer questions in person due to the ways in which written answers can be taken the wrong way. He met with me in person and we had a very long and informative discussion. He also said he welcomes one-on-one with any constituent who would like to know what he thinks on any issue. He has also launched [Vote Elliot Sheaves](http://www.votesheaves.ca).

Candidates who have not (yet) responded

  • Jack Contin
  • Bob Jeffery
  • Mike Ross
  • Ruth Hackney
  • George J. MacDonald
  • Larry J. Ferris
  • Shannah Aubé
  • Shawn Edward O’Hara
  • Jim Downer
  • Beth Prost
  • Michael Ladouceur
  • Will King
  • Keith Day
  • Glen Canning
  • Eric (Howie) Major
  • Cody Oschefski
  • Roberta Clair Bald
  • Ryan McLaughlan
  • Todd Langevin
  • Elizabeth (Lisa) McFayden