Midland Election 2018 Candidate Q&A, Answers #3

The Question

What is your opinion on the Tiffin Bay Association (if I have the name right) only All-Candidates meeting and what I believe are fairly obvious optics around that?

Carole McGinn (Nicols) – Wednesday, September 19th 2018

I will interact with all people, businesses, groups and associations. It is my responsibility to remain unbiased, unprejudiced, sincere, not beholden to any one group or person and prove this by being available to everyone and accountable to everyone. Each meet is hosted, sponsored, cosponsored or otherwise supported by some entity. It is their right to host a meet and it is anyone’s right to do it as open to public or close and/or with specific concerns/questions in mind.

Jonathan Reid – Friday, September 21st 2018

Don’t know enough information about them to have an accurate opinion about them.

Bill Gordon – Saturday, September 22nd 2018

This is a group of ratepayers and homeowners in a neighbourhood on the east side of ward 2, the ward in which I am running. They formed to address issues that they have in common and to have a unified voice in trying to effect the changes that they want for their neighbourhoods. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these associations and they serve a purpose for their membership. I have heard some of their concerns over the past four years, some of which I support, others I was not entirely supportive of. Since I was not in any position to effect change I was not inclined to dig any further into their issues other than casual consideration when following their deputations and submissions to Council. As for the their right to hold an All-Candidates meeting that is exclusive to those running in Ward 2 and mayor/deputy mayor, they are perfectly within their rights to do so. I believe that they may be missing an opportunity by excluding the other two wards candidates since if elected, they will be as responsible for their issues as those who are elected from ward 2. Our ward system forces people to vote for those running in their ward but then has those elected being responsible for all of Midland and not just their wards. I welcome the opportunity to meet with them and learn more about what they want to see in the next term. I have already attended another private event from their neighbourhood hosted by residents of an apartment building who are not members of their association. As a councillor, I pledge to be accessible to all residents regardless of their wards or affiliation with groups. I may have ideological or personal differences with some of these group’s leadership, but that does not negate my obligation to hear what they have to say or ask for, weigh it against the broader needs of the community and keep personal feelings out of the pragmatic approach to governance that is required for the greater good of Midland.

Answered on [Bill Gordon’s Website: Q & A Time With Voters – Volume 2](https://www.billgordon.ca/q-a-time-with-voters-volume-2/). [Link dead 2021-12-06]

Cher Cunningham – Monday, September 24 2018

I am not personally affronted by a private meeting. Had they only invited one or two candidates, I would have found that questionable. Almost any activity that encourages people to gain information and vote is positive. There are a variety of limited or invitation-only meetings from small coffee meetings to nursing homes to the Tiffin Association. The upcoming all-candidates meetings still to come will be more representative and provide opportunities for the community at large to learn more about candidates and their stance/platforms.

Stewart Strathearn – Monday, September 24 2018

Requested that due to time constraints that I point to his website: [Elect Stewart Strathearn for Mayor](https://stewartstrathearn.ca/) — and noted that he asks constituents use a contact method listed on that site, or on the Town website, or otherwise public, to ask him the questions they have in person, if the website proves insufficient — after helping me with a council matter, and having a wide-ranging discussion.

Jonathan Main – Tuesday, September 25 2018

Didn’t answer specifically see, however, his answer to the previous question.

Elliot Sheaves – Tuesday, September 25 2018

Prefers to answer questions in person due to the ways in which written answers can be taken the wrong way. He met with me in person and we had a very long and informative discussion. He also said he welcomes one-on-one with any constituent who would like to know what he thinks on any issue. He has also launched [Vote Elliot Sheaves](http://www.votesheaves.ca).

Candidates who have not (yet) responded

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  • George J. MacDonald
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  • Eric (Howie) Major
  • Cody Oschefski
  • Roberta Clair Bald
  • Ryan McLaughlan
  • Todd Langevin
  • Elizabeth (Lisa) McFayden

Notes on the Answers

Answers in ’normal text’ are the candidate’s written response and are taken verbatim. I use italics for my words such as summaries of verbal responses and/or pointing to websites at the request of the candidate.