Exposed! And a Target?

Apparently not noticing one’s furnace isn’t working can lead to health issues. So, two days ago I realized that the furnace in the house where I live was not working. This was because the temperature had been slowly dropping for some time, and I realized that turning up the temperature (assuming drafts and such) did… Continue reading Exposed! And a Target?

PSA: Northern Aspirations

The municipalities of North Simcoe have a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan Survey currently active (as of 2021-02-23). I highly recommend that if you live in or near Midland, Penetanguishine, Tiny or Tay that you participate in the survey. This is the easiest way to get your input to the municipalities, and seems to be… Continue reading PSA: Northern Aspirations

Archive: Rent or Own?

Almost thirty years ago my parents were looking at buying a home, and that got me interested in the question, “How long before one reaches the break even point on the purchase of a residence compared to a lease?” The calculations are only for the numerical/financial side of that question, not questions like increased freedom… Continue reading Archive: Rent or Own?

‘Catchy / Cheesy’ and Opinionated Headlines Here — Not a News Site

Headlines which are catchy (and possibly ‘cheesy’) belong on a personal blog like this one that is personal revelations from the author(s), political opinion, creativity, and (trying to be) artistic prose and poetry, not on a news website, portal, or other source of what should be trusted journalism. Yes, it’s fun to come up with… Continue reading ‘Catchy / Cheesy’ and Opinionated Headlines Here — Not a News Site

‘Fixer Upper’

I’ve fixed some issues with the site that resulted from the change of primary domain, especially redirection of ‘pretty names’ to page permalink.

If You Don’t Talk, They Won’t Listen

The Government of Ontario has quite a number of surveys (and in some cases other participation opportunities) occurring that are currently open and that’s even without the constant comments periods on proposed changes or additions to regulations. You only have a chance of being heard by these official processes if you participate in them, so… Continue reading If You Don’t Talk, They Won’t Listen

My Bowels, Like Water

I discovered that a rather delicious meal I ate contained milk. It was unpleasant because I am lactose intolerant. When I experience the symptoms thereof, for some reason my mind has created this little poem (it might be a haiku): My bowels, like water They move me To tears. It’s usually not quite that bad,… Continue reading My Bowels, Like Water

Renaming Blog

I’ve decided to rename my blog (although I will be maintaining redirects from the old addresses of and I did this because the ‘cshore/c-shore’ domain space is quite crowded and I am hoping by making my blog domain name and title more unique that it will be more easily found in search engines.… Continue reading Renaming Blog

Today the World Will Be a Little Better — We Need That!

Today is Donald Trump’s last day as the president of the United States, and the first day of their incoming president who at least speaks of unifying the country. The US, for better or worse, is a major influence on the world, and most especially on my own country, Canada (sharing a rather long border,… Continue reading Today the World Will Be a Little Better — We Need That!