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Eccentric, famous, rich — pick only one

Progress is possible

Despite all the terrible things in the news these days, the world can make progress, and I personally have been succeeding in moving forward.

Keeping it real

Nope, this isn’t about mental illness (at least not mine), but about avoiding “the Kool-Aid / rabbit holes / appealing conspiracies”. Ironically, this is less comfortable and a harder reality.

A little heavy on the accelerator

With opportunities I’ve waited for, starting in a sudden rush, along with extra volunteering, I have discovered I’ve been a little heavy on the accelerator.

Avoiding manipulation, not politics

I believe the ‘silent majority’ is not uninterested in politics; they are simply fed up with political manipulation and misrepresentation (among other things).

And I carry a teal umbrella

My neck is wide, my legs are strong, and I carry a teal umbrella. I am a man who knows himself and fears little.I defy intolerance, and go where I will.

I got disinformed tonight

Tonight, I learned far too much of Russia’s disinformation about the war against Ukraine. Of course it was presented as truth or reasonable beliefs. It was quite an experience that came from an acquaintance I hadn’t spoken with for many months due to my suspicions about his motives and true beliefs.