40th anniversary

Gateway Centre for Learning celebration

Wednesday, June 1st, 2022 Gateway Centre for Learning is holding a 40th anniversary celebration!

You can view the event news item on Gateway Centre for Learning news page

I haven’t been with them for more than a few years, but the amazing Executive Director Jennifer Ellis has been a part of the centre (although not as director) for at least half that! There are other awesome staff members of course, and volunteers who have helped many people for more years than I have lived in Midland (and I’ve been living here for over a decade).

I hope you’ll come celebrate with us; especially the crew that has helped me help them. It’s awesome to be able to help others in the community, and I couldn’t do it without them.

They’ve put managed to help me help others during the last few years, during which I have not been at my best. I hopefully have turned the corner on that, however and, ‘have my game back’1.

I would love for this to be true, and to be able to ‘give back’ more to Gateway (and the learners who rely on them) for all they have done.

  1. As an aside: this evening I cut as much of very steep section of lawn as I had battery power to manage (electric mower), and while I was quite out of breath, after a bit of recovery I had endorphins kick in and I felt great despite having done a great deal of exercise. This may sound normal, but I haven’t been able to do that for quite some number of years. For quite some time if this would leave me feeling very miserable, so I am hopeful my physical health has improved along with my mental health. ↩︎