A vexing question

why is it always crickets from Town Hall?

For some reason it seems that the folks at the Town of Midland offices (both staff and council) are mostly not inclined to respond or communicate. I know life can get busy, but this still seems odd given that there has not been any indication of the reason for this silence. If it were felt that I was ‘vexatious’ and/or problem I would expect that I would have been informed of that (if not there is a serious problem with transparency in this municipal government). I know I probably ask difficult and vexing questions, but that is not the same as being ‘vexatious’ or ‘frivolous’ (one thing I am definitely not is frivolous).

For one councillor I can understand his reluctance, given that I have have expressed concerns with situations where I felt he had crossed the line. That is in addition to doing what is (apparently) a classic INTP move of analyzing and questioning everything someone who’s gotten your attention says and does. There is a neat (if rather like astrology) article about INTP which mentions this in regards to dating and relationships although this was purely political interaction. It certainly doesn’t make life easy, and is one reason many with this type of trait prefer not to say much to anyone.

I have developed a more extroverted style as I have aged, although this has more to do with having been ill in (and recovering from) a way that made me feel like I was constantly watched and analyzed with hostility. Now that I’ve found my strength, the ability to overcome a sense of hostility or negativity from others, means that I am willing and able to speak up (at least in emails, one on one conversation, and small groups), even when I expect a negative response, or feel like I’m getting push-back. Of course, if the topic is something the other party doesn’t want to think about, deal with, or it’s actually than manner of my approach that’s a difficulty, it can create difficulties in terms of relating.

It’s not like I use vulgarities or even (to my awareness) am hostile, or even deliberately negative, but I do think I am passionate about what I believe is right and should be done, and that doesn’t necessarily go over well when the other party disagrees. I, fortunately, do have people I am getting to know as friends, and with whom I think I relate well. It is still frustrating though when what I seem to at lot of silence (aka “…crickets…all I hear is crickets…”).

Some places (like the comments section of a news outlet) I don’t necessary expect a response, or especially a positive response, but it would be nice to get more responsiveness from folks who claim they are there to listen and give consideration to one’s views (aka local politicians).

I do get some response, sometimes, but often I am left wondering if, for example, an email has even reached an intended ‘Inbox’. It’s kind of like being ghosted, although not as emotionally damaging (been there done that, when depressed; that is a hell all it’s own).

So the question I am left with is whether the extensive silence is intentional or otherwise.