ART-repreneur 2023

Culture Alliance in the Heart of Georgian Bay

The woman with whom I am romantically involved was part of the ART-repreneur program hosted by the Culture Alliance in the Heart of Georgian Bay, so I was aware of and attended the final ‘Expo’ of the ART-repreneur businesses on June 29, 2023.

She has created a gallery of photos from the ART-repreneur Expo on Facebook.

I had originally intended to post a gallery on this blog, but in the interests of not burning out1, I have decided to stick with a list of the businesses and their web presences, such as they are.

The ART-repreneur businesses from Expo 2023

I can’t do them justice in this short article, but I hope you will check them out.

Et-Tu Productions: Ageless Creative You by Ute
Legacy shorts & unique video content for private & public viewing
Gilly Flowers: A little bit wild by Michelle
Functional fluid art, wearable fluid art
Suzette Castro by Suzette
Custom pet portraits, pop culture idol art (including a ‘Rockstar Collection’)
Chromatized: Visualizing Nostalgia by William
Visual art, caricatures, and more
Conroy’s Curiosities by Shelagh
Fordite jewellery & more
Still Visible Designs by Dawna
Mixed media collages & Legacy Photos
Board the Boat by Cathy
Customized bed and breakfast experience
The Kayt Bryans Connection by Kayt
Author - coach - healer
Imagined by Gigi by Stephanie
Tufting Studio
Celeste Lalonde by Celeste
Blue belt Nia instruction
Curator Johnny Hawk by Johnny
Portable indigenous culture and media centre
Michel Payment by Michel
Musician and more; was an ARTpreneur before Covid, MC of the Expo, is chair of the culture alliance.


  1. Adding a gallery to this site would require more work than I feel have time to do at the moment, to do it right. ↩︎