Ask me about schizophrenia and depression


With the recent spate of local news about mental health and fatalities, and with my concerns that community members might have fears about me (although if that is the case, no one has had the courage to ask me directly, so I may be worrying too much) I’ve decided to do a Q & A post. [AUTHOR’S NOTE 2022-02-22: To date I have received no questions]

I have never been at risk of using violence against others, although I have been suicidal and once made an attempt, and other times have gone to emergency to get admitted to hospital when I had a plan and decided instead to seek help.

So, if you have questions about mental health that I can answer, including personal questions, please ask them.

I’ve set up an email address for these questions:

[AUTHOR’s NOTE: Issues with the domain not receiving email have been resolved]