Catching my breath, editing, and improving

You be the judge

I have finally caught my breath1 and feel like I am accomplishing objectives, both in my contract work, as well my cross-skilling (training). It is my hope by the end of this month to have demonstrable evidence of this — stay tuned 😉 !

Now that I feel like I am getting into a rhythm, although one with quite a quick tempo, I have been refreshing my websites. You may, or may not, have noticed a brief experiment with titles on this site.

More importantly, as a result of reading one of my articles for the ‘Top Floor Writers Group’, I’ve decided that I need to either edit or purge a number of old posts from this blog. I generally like the concepts, but execution is sometimes a bit embarrassing, now that I know there are real folks (not just bots) reading or hearing my pieces.

I have had a tendency to just publish as first written, without editing. Now, I want to ‘up my game’ where that is concerned. I have begun with the article I mentioned above, so you can see for yourself whether it is an actual improvement.

I am curating the published blog a bit, so not all articles here now will still be present, in the near future.


  1. As I revealed in “A little heavy on the accelerator” I almost burned out in the first two weeks of my return to work and really getting going with cross-skilling for local employment opportunities in my field (tech). I had too many extra-curricular activities because the work and training had been in limbo waiting on other parties, so the sudden “start of everything, all at once”, was a bit of a shock. ↩︎