Covid project blues

There's nothing left to do

Sadly this is not a post about a Blues music project during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s just me whining about the fact that one way or another I’ve wrapped up all my tech projects and am feeling something I am not used to (and don’t like); boredom.

It’s not that there is nothing that needs doing around the house or nothing at all for me to work on, but that the combination of isolation during Covid combined with having completed (or terminated) all the projects I had on the go means that I’m feeling somewhat aimless and lost.

I’m taking steps to come up with a plan, but this is rather weird feeling for me. It doesn’t help that I have no TV and haven’t subscribed to Netflix or any other streaming service because normally I have projects I find not only more interesting, but that I find I actually get exasperated with a lot of ‘popular culture’ (like movies, TV, and other series).

Really the lack of people, even for an introvert and recluse like me really bites.

Hopefully I get some emails or a text, or maybe a Zoom request soon…