a poem of loss, longing and hope for love

I once thought I knew
 a name, a face, and love that was true.
 I once thought I knew,
 friendship. It would last forever.
 I once thought I knew
 a good man, myself, honest and true.
 I once hoped to see Her face.
 I once hoped it was for real.
 I once thought you can't steal
 a heart, without giving.
 I was wrong.
 Or was I?
 I cannot answer.
 And what remains
 are questions
 I cannot answer.

I fear; I am afraid.
 I want to hold, and to be held.
 I want hearts to meld.
 I want to be true.
 I want to be good.
 I almost cry,
 I often sigh.
 I still dream,
 I still hope
 For love, somewhere, someone is hoping too.
 I pray we meet, we speak,
 hold hands,
 What foolishness is this?