For Shame: On the Hatred of the Unvaccinated

Oh goody, we’re (again) at the story coercion/force is justified if it is cast as

  1. protecting children (in this case their health)
  2. protecting health
  3. protecting wealth

I wonder how the narrative about protecting against serial killers will get worked into this?

To be clear, I think hard-core anti-vaxxers are wrong, but I also believe the majority of unvaccinated (~40% of Canadians have not had both shots, last I read) are not hard-core and have legitimate concerns. Further, I believe that coercion is more likely to result in increased radicalization rather than helping the situation. Of course, it doesn’t help that many who are vaccinated now feel it is their ‘right’ to forgo masks and social (physical) distancing, etc. How selfish can you get? (I’m protected, so ’too bad’ for anyone who isn’t/they deserve it/etc).

This hatred of the unvaccinated and refusal to even attempt to understand them is just another example of the kind of coercion that has bothered me throughout this pandemic. It bothers me that this has been a ‘moral outrage’ and hatred game instead of working together toward reasonable solutions. It seems to me that social media has been advocating a kind of totalitarian approach and attitude, even when governments (at least in Canada, for the most part) have tried to balance the rights of the individual and health and safety of all.

That this intolerance comes most strongly from those who associate with “the left” has done the opposite of healing a bitter political divide, and has created further justification for the use the phrase “regressive left” for those who tout themselves as “progressive”.

This is why moderation is needed along with the realization that one cannot be truly progressive (or good), if one espouses intolerance and hate even (especially) in the name of a ‘good’ cause. The irony of course is that those who do this often pillory (especially) the religious right for exactly the error of being hateful and intolerant in the name of a ‘good’ cause.

There are places where outrage and refusal to budge is warranted, but to borrow a phrase: “They hijacked the lifeboat clause when the boat wasn’t sinking”. I think that sentiment applies to much of politics.

Instead of immediately escalating, let’s try to work through things together!