Form spam, heat waves, and a new home

Busy, but not too busy

As with my technical blog and professional information site, this site was experiencing rejection of messages sent using the contact form due to being treated as spam. I have applied the same fix as with the tech blog and professional info site, which is to use a dedicated form backend provider, rather than a (too) simple PHP script.

After that, I had a trip to get my lunar monthly (28-day) injection for the preservation of my mental health1. The walk home was hot. I was seeing stars and plodding along, one foot in front of the other, by the time I got back to where I live. That was definitely not a healthy thing, and reminds me that I have limitations. Of course today was hot for anyone born and raised in Southwestern Ontario, because it turns out there was heat warning (and then thunder showers, although we didn’t get severe thunderstorms that were a potential).

In other news, where I live my involve a new apartment with my girlfriend, in the near future. That is if we can find one where were are accepted. With both of us returning to work, and in my case, currently at least, to self-employment (though the hope is the contract and training will lead to stable local tech employment, that pays well), we may not be at the top of the list for property managers and owners looking for tenants (the few places that are doing so, too, given the housing crunch).

So, you might think this keeps me busy, and it does, as does my continuing to volunteer (I’ve added up to two hours a week at the Wye Marsh as a Trail Ambassador; in training at the moment, but this has the added bonus of getting my outdoors and into nature on an at least weekly basis. Hopefully a bit of physical and mental health benefits, for a pretty easy, and hopefully fun, volunteer position). I’m nowhere near the point when I managed to add an extra 10-12 hours of volunteering just as things got busy with training and work (after having done a lot of ‘hurry up and wait’ prior to that), but I’m definitely not planning on adding major new activities, at least until there is a major slow down in one of my current endeavours, and then with caution.

  1. This is medication that treats the symptoms of Schizophrenia. Sadly, there is no cure and taking regular medication is the only way to avoid mental illness, for me. I’m glad that we have progressed (at least for anyone reasonable) the days when mental willness was thought to be demon possession and instead medical science has developed this treatment. It’s not ideal, but especially with the ’newer’ (thirty years old now) medications, treatment with manageable and bearable side effects is possible. This is a relatively new phenomenon. ↩︎