Hope & Hate — Tired

Instead of shaming, let's talk

Just so tired of the hate. Even more than of the pandemic.

I recently got pointed to an article from the journal Nature about the development of mRNA technology, and am sloughing through that article in hopes of understanding the technology well enough to be able to speak to someone I know who is not yet vaccinated, but who I believe is hesitant for legitimate reasons (that is has legitimate reasons for not simply accepting government ‘fact sheets’ which have no references or background information on faith; this person has valid reasons for distrusting ’the system’), but with reassurance based on and understanding the actual science behind the mRNA vaccine I believe this individual would be willing to be vaccinated.

I still believe that taking the time for this type of educational approach is preferable to the shaming, browbeating, and vilification (not to mention outright coercion) that has been the mainstay of social media and social discourse throughout the pandemic. The only way to counter misinformation, as well as uncertainty and hesitancy based on past history, is with honest, complete, and accurate discussions.

I am tired of the polarization in politics and the way in which the pandemic has been politicized.

These behaviors and attitudes show how unhealthy our society has become, and how unwilling people are to do ‘real listening’ (that is listening to understand, rather than listening to adjust an argument), when they even listen at all, rather than simply seeking the power to force their decisions on everyone else.

Just so tired of the hate. Even more than of the pandemic.

Daniel F. Dickinson — August 25, 2021