Hope yet, and a note on titles

The editor chooses

Good news first! It looks like I might be able to get ‘onboarded’ to the CPP-D (disability) vocational rehabilitation program sooner than I expected. This means I will have a process that will include supports to ensure I am able to be successful at obtaining and maintaining employment. I’m prepared to put the effort in, and it sounds like this program is serious about doing this right. I probably won’t be doing what I was doing before my mental health crisis (not too much call for my most of my tech skills sufficiently locally1).

And for the second topic of this post, I thought I would mention that while I wrote a letter to the editor of MidlandToday.ca, and while the contents are mine (trimmed for length and clarity) the title is (like any letter to the editor) chosen by the editor. I think the title makes a point I initially wrote about, then decided against, and wrote a ‘kinder, gentler’ letter which was focused on how I think the newcomers to council (many of whom are promising to ‘do better than the previous council’, if elected, not the least at listening) are in for a bit of shock, given many are unable to keep up with the volume of emails and calls resulting from their candidacy.

That’s not meant as a knock on the newcomers; nor is it a particularly new thing, I just happen to be watching it this election, having paid attention to municipal politics for the past term and a bit. It does mean trying to assess which candidates will learn and make good decisions and which ones won’t.

  1. Due to starting from poverty (including vehicles that my father wouldn’t let me drive because they were in such bad shape, but that’s a whole other story), and in the struggles with mental health never having the right combination of money, time, and energy to get driver training I have neither wheels nor a driver’s license. This is drastically limiting in my neck of the woods, although it’s not as bad as when I was living in Hanover (Ontario). That’s an even smaller centre. ↩︎