May the moderates win

say no to extremism, choose cooperation


Extreme behaviour by the Ridiculous Right and Loony Left are the same, in all the wrong ways. The rest of us need to work to overcome their chaos!

Now, I had thought of creating a chart matching up their similarities but I got tired and depressed at just how long that list was, so I decided to try to take a more positive attitude. Instead of focusing too much on what the divisive and hating folks (on both extremes) are doing, I’m going to talk about how those of us of more reasonable mien, and more even keel, can do to build on those things that are strong, compassionate, and wise.

But first a brief summary of the problematic folks.

The Houses of the Extreme

  • The Ridiculous Right
  • The Loony Left

A Pox on Both Their Houses

  • Both groups believe their way is only correct way.
  • Both groups spew bile and hatred on those who do no agree absolutely with their positions and agendas.
  • Both groups want government power in order to force everyone else to behave as they believe is ’the one true way'.
  • I could go on, but I won’t. Suffice it to say I’ve more than had my fill of these bad attitudes and behaviours.

A Better Way

No, as much as it is a pleasant fantasy that both groups go somewhere and decimate each other without affecting the rest us, the solution isn’t to let them ‘have at each other, just keep us out of it’ (as if either of the extremes would genuinely abide by such a concept). Instead, those of us who keep strong hands, caring souls, and wise minds need more than anything else to be true to ourselves and not get caught up in the outrageous claims and actions that threaten humanity’s very existence.

This can indeed be difficult. It is easy to become either depressed (even if one does not have that as a medical condition, and more so if one does) or drawn to the fires that consume the extremists. Keeping our cool and realizing that we too would become charcoal and dust if we joined one side or the other in their conflagration.

We need to be the still waters that run deep, and the indomitable force of the glacial rivers heading to the sea. Even those of us who seem placid and unmovable, have the ability to quench the fires of hate, and forge peace in our lifetime.

Okay, despite the mixed metaphors, clichés, and aphorisms I genuinely believe that we win the war by not joining the fight. I know that sounds corny, counter-intuitive, and even impossible, but it is the only solution I see that can actually work.

I hope you will join me on this path.

— Daniel F. Dickinson, August 10, 2021