Not missing; just busy, tired, and recovering

In case you have been wondering why I have posted so little of late, “I Have Been Up To Tech”, volunteering, catching a cold (but not Covid), sleeping a lot, and hopefully recovering. I have learned that it is a good thing I didn’t jump into full time work (or even inflexible or on-call part-time work) as I would have washed out pretty quickly. That is despite how much I have achieved in this time.

When I have control of my schedule I am able to sleep when I need to do so. When I don’t, I end up constantly groggy and ‘brain fogged’. The net result is that I don’t fit well in a timekeeping, bodies in chair (or at a counter, or ‘on the line’ in a factory) type of situation. Unfortunately that still seems to be the majority of work environments.

I am hopeful that I will be able to adjust over time, in party via my volunteering at the Bookmark Bookstore for the Gateway Centre for Learning in Midland in addition to the learners I tutor. I find it rewarding, although even with it being less time than a part-time job, I am finding I am quite wiped out multiple times during the week. It is frustrating.

Nonetheless I feel like I am accomplishing things, both with Gateway and with my own projects (including development for this website, my professional/technical website, and related projects). Unfortunately none of that increases my income.

Hopefully using my experimental theme for my websites works for you. (If you have any comments on the site or the theme, please contact me). Overall, the good news is that my mental health is much better, especially my emotional well-being. I am hopeful all this will eventually translate into employment or other income opportunities.