Single is great except biology hates me

Happy but…

I’ve been single most of my life except for a brief disastrous marriage and am currently single and happy except that biology hates me.

“Impression of the top of a man with bottom half being a DNA double helix”

There was a time when I was unhappy and lonely while single — now my mental health is much better and I’m quite happy in my own space, and doing my own thing except the socially taboo biological aspect. I suppose if I was a ‘player’ or some such that wouldn’t be an issue, but I’m not and it is.

There are no solutions I’m really happy about for various reasons (like actually caring about people and worrying about their well-being).

It’s a frustrating time, but I really don’t want to end up in another bad marriage, or even a mediocre marriage, and I don’t know if less than fully committed relationships are a thing I’d ever be comfortable with. Not to mention that relationships usually involve a partner whose need for attention would be difficult to get used to after having found projects and interests that are fulfilling and I’m busy enough I really could use more hours in the day as it is.

So I guess I’ll muddle along and just keep hating biology, since it’s clearly not my friend.

Credit for cover illustration of impression of the top of a man with bottom half being a DNA double helix, Schäferle, on Pixabay.