The mirror squeaked, into my love's arms I ran

After my previous post (Of mice and mirrors), I recalled an old Sting song called Seven Days. Specifically I remembered the lines:

Ask if I am mouse or man
The mirror squeaked, away I ran

The song as a whole doesn’t apply, and I wasn’t hesitating out of fear, but of confusion and uncertainty.

In truth, the title of this post is more of opposites than actual. While my love and I are now ‘officially’ exclusive ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ (I still find it strange to use those terms at our ages, but when referring in the singular—e.g. to ‘my girlfriend’—there aren’t many terms we have), it is not because I ran into her arms, but because we both worked hard to overcome my difficulty at going from a ‘working on stuff’ or ‘visiting’ together’ get to the next level (I expressed that I didn’t know how to overcome that, and we worked through it together).

It was definitely an effort because, like I with her, she doesn’t want me to feel pressured into something I don’t want. I hope that is a good sign for our ability to communicate and find a way through to what we think is great for both of us.

Not that we are the same, by any means. We both have some beliefs that are very different from each other’s, but we are able to be respectful and listen, and I think even appreciate were we are each coming from.

The love in the title is not an opposite though. My first post about this romance (Hey world! I’m here to stay) is still true; I am in love, although (mostly) not the crazy, mad love of youth.

I like the thought of being able to use phrases like “My love, and I” when talking about us, together. 😊

There is also some not so personal news that I will be posting to my resume and technical / professional blog website, but this is definitely much bigger for me, personally.