Terms for the 'tags' taxonomy

Accessibility (5) [accessibility]

Discussions and explanations of means of making the world managable, and enjoyable by everyone on Princes and Madmen on the C Shore

COVID-19 (9) [covid-19]

Topics (mostly politics) related to COVID-19, the resulting lockdowns, and the after-effects of the lockdown period

Creative works (8) [creative]

Creative non-fiction, poetry, photography, art and other creative works. In previous times known as arts and literature.

Government (7) [government]

Topics in municipal, provincial, and federal government, (of the author in question), of which various levels of government ought to be part

Hate (6) [hate]

Articles which mention, or are about, the unreasoning and unjustified disease called hate that is laying waste to our world

Health (5) [health]

A few notes on what is often referred to as ‘physical health’ although mental health issues often also hav a physical cause

Housing (6) [housing]

On housing, especially the high cost of housing, and the results of that (a lack of housing, for too many). Also maintenance thereof.

Inclusiveness (10) [inclusiveness]

On feeling excluded, including others, and making everyone welcome who is willing to welcome others. Also the problem of the lack of inclusiveness.

Local (15) [local]

Matters, events, news and more in the author’s local area. Includes personal, political, arts, and culture, business, and more.