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Hope yet, and a note on titles

Good news from my perspective for getting back into my career, and a note on titles for letters to the editor (SPOILER: It’s the editor’s choice)

Midland 2022 election question (updated)

This election cycle I asked the candidates for the Town of Midland council one question (albeit a complex multi-part one) about helping those with disabilities achieve employment.

Job search hesitancy

With the relaxation of Covid-related restrictions there are many people asking the question “I want to work, but do I want a job?”. This is generally not in the sense of wanting to become self-employed but hesitancy about returning to what has been a largely unhealthy workplace culture. In many ways going to work has felt like we’ve gotten spam instead of the ham we were promised.

My bowels, like water

A poem and discussion of the problem of lactose intolerance and lack of ingredients lists with online grocery shopping.