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Princes and Madmen

A strange idea came to me in conversation the other day, namely that my schizophrenia helps me understand what it must be like to be Prince William.

Schizophrenia Talk

A fairly comprehensive talk I wrote about my experience with schizophrenia for a ‘CMHA Consumer Conference’ in 2005.

The "Everything's Fine" Mask

Poem about the mask we wear when depressed, written under online handle ‘Neofrost’

About the Trash

A ‘heavy atmosphere’ poem about looking for love in a counter-culture bar.


Short poem about best friends who weren’t, written under the online nickname ‘Perran’


A silly little poem of loss and longing from the archives.


A melancholy poem based on late fall and depression.

Thoughts on a New Room

Short poem about moving into a new personal space.