Lockdowns, vaccines, after effects and markets vs poverty

Topics (mostly politics) related to COVID-19, the resulting lockdowns, and the after-effects of the lockdown period

Denying abusive deniers treatment

What we should do, but probably won’t; Give two choices: accept the treatment offered without harassing (or worse) those treating you or acknowledge one’s choice of going home and managing on one’s own against doctor’s advice. If you can’t make a choice, you’re not competent to make a decision, so you are on a Form 1 and evaluated for mental health (or other impairment) issues.

Hope & Hate — Tired

Just so tired of the hate. Even more than of the pandemic. [2023-07-10: It seems, now that I’ve recovered, I am mentally healthier than a great many folks out there]

Covid Cut - Day 1

The day I cut my own hair out of ‘covid desperation’. It could have been worse, but I’ll prefer a salon, thank you.

Covid project blues

Sadly this is not a post about a Blues music project during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s just me whining about something unusual for me: boredom.

Covid Cut Day 21, T -8 and an Epoch Fail

It’s been a busy five days since I last posted, but first: after three weeks my covid desperation self-cut is looking like it could use a bit of work!

Frontline still forgotten

Our seniors and those who care for them are being forgotten, worse the provincial government is shielding private operators from liability.

The forgotten

TL;DR Our grocery clerks and other essential workers need their pandemic ‘hazard’ pay back. They also need our kindness and respect not abuse and attacks.