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Topics in municipal, provincial, and federal government, (of the author in question), of which various levels of government ought to be part

Hope yet, and a note on titles

Good news from my perspective for getting back into my career, and a note on titles for letters to the editor (SPOILER: It’s the editor’s choice)

Midland 2022 election question (updated)

This election cycle I asked the candidates for the Town of Midland council one question (albeit a complex multi-part one) about helping those with disabilities achieve employment.

Municipal meanderings

In a recent letter to editor of I wrote that “We need to give municipalities the legal and financial tools to be able to ensure the safety, well-being and success of all residents”. I now add that we also need to make sure councils are not dysfunctional.

Community safety: A positive response

In response to my negatively expressed concerns, Mayor Stewart Strathearn came back with a well thought out, and very positive response. [2023-07-10: but was it accurate?]