Topics in municipal, provincial, and federal government, where I reside

Hope yet, and a note on titles

Good news from my perspective for getting back into my career, and a note on titles for letters to the editor (SPOILER: It’s the editor’s choice)

Midland 2022 election question (updated)

This election cycle I asked the candidates for the Town of Midland council one question (albeit a complex multi-part one) about helping those with disabilities achieve employment.

Municipal Meanderings

In a recent letter to editor of I wrote that “We need to give municipalities the legal and financial tools to be able to ensure the safety, well-being and success of all residents”. I now add that we also need to make sure councils are not dysfunctional.

Kudos to Council for Budget 2022 Efforts

Council makes mistakes, as do any humans, but they care and went through a great deal of stress and anguish to give Midland the best budget they could.

PSA: Midland 2022 Budget Survey

It is budget time for the Town of Midland, and they have a survey for resident and business owner priorities

Community Safety: A Positive Response

In response to my negatively expressed concerns, Mayor Stewart Strathearn came back with a well though out, and very positive response.