On the disease called hate that is laying waste to our world

Big topics, small thoughts (updated)

Brought on by the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, the ‘Freedom Convoy’, panic attacks, and the general state of politics, I wander through the minefield of the modern culture wars and trip a few.

Denying Abusive Deniers Treatment

What we should do, but probably won’t; Give two choices: accept the treatment offered without harassing (or worse) those treating you or acknowledge one’s choice of going home and managing on one’s own against doctor’s advice. If you can’t make a choice, you’re not competent to make a decision, so you are on a Form 1 and evaluated for mental health (or other impairment) issues.

Tired of Not Having Skills to Stop the Hate

Theoretically I know that it’s not all on me, but I’m still tired of my lack of skills for damping down the hate that is destroying us.

Hope & Hate — Tired

Just so tired of the hate. Even more than of the pandemic.

May the Moderates Win

Extreme behaviour by the Ridiculous Right and Loony Left are the same, in all the wrong ways. The rest of us need to work to overcome their chaos!