lack of, cost of, and maintenance of

On housing, especially the high cost of housing, and the results of that (a lack of housing, for too many). Also maintenance thereof.

Form spam, heat waves, and a new home

Contact form spam rejection: fixed? Melting walking home, a possible new home, and keeping busy, but not burnout busy.

Coldest Night of the Year 2023: Midland

I’ll be volunteering at ‘Coldest Night of the Year’ in Midland on February 25, 2023 because the unhoused need our help. Please, join the walk and fundraise, volunteer, and/or donate.

Community safety: A positive response

In response to my negatively expressed concerns, Mayor Stewart Strathearn came back with a well thought out, and very positive response. [2023-07-10: but was it accurate?]

Poor man's pancakes

Many, even in my own country of Canada might think that homemade pancakes every morning would be a dream come true… [in moderation it certain is]