Mental health

and mental illness

Discussions about, and Daniel’s experience with, mental health illness and his journey to mental health, along with other mental health topics.

Princes and Madmen

A strange idea came to me in conversation the other day, namely that my schizophrenia helps me understand what it must be like to be Prince William.

Schizophrenia talk

A fairly comprehensive talk I wrote about my experience with schizophrenia for a ‘CMHA Consumer Conference’ in 2005.

Keeping on keeping on in my old home

I’ve put a couple of things on hold (partly depression, partly situational), like adding volunteering for the Wye Marsh, as well as my first certification exam. I’ve also not moved into a new apartment with my now ex-girlfriend.

Keeping it real

Nope, this isn’t about mental illness (at least not mine), but about avoiding “the Kool-Aid / rabbit holes / appealing conspiracies”. Ironically, this is less comfortable and a harder reality.

Form spam, heat waves, and a new home

Contact form spam rejection: fixed? Melting walking home, a possible new home, and keeping busy, but not burnout busy.

A little heavy on the accelerator

With opportunities I’ve waited for, starting in a sudden rush, along with extra volunteering, I have discovered I’ve been a little heavy on the accelerator.

And I carry a teal umbrella

My neck is wide, my legs are strong, and I carry a teal umbrella. I am a man who knows himself and fears little.I defy intolerance, and go where I will.

Of mice and mirrors

In which I bring to mind an old Eurythmics song that goes ‘I could give you a mirror, to show you disappointment’, and leading me to review if I am being mouse or man.

Hey world! I'm here to stay

I have love and hope; the rest will follow, with work, luck, and given half a chance. Love helps, and so does determination.