A Small Fix in Silence

At the reminder of a friend I added the date of the posts to the post listing. Aside from that I’m not writing too much here at the moment, because I’ve not exactly been at my best mood wise, and mostly I’d just whine. It’s bad enough that my crankiness was sufficient to write a rather negative post about a Town of Midland (and Noth Simcoe) Community Well-Being and Safety Plan including a letter to the editor on MidlandToday.

Including Yourself Out

‘They’ keep saying in mental health that you’ve got to remember to take care of yourself rather than focussing only on other’s needs. That sounds selfish, but I realized the frustration I expressed in the post Wear Your Name With Pride on my politics blog is an example of this. When participating as part of the Makerspace Advisory Group for the Midland Public Library I wanted to be inclusive and ‘big tent’, so I suggested and promoted the idea of including STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Engineering ,Arts and Math) instead of just Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), as well as including crossovers between traditional ‘making’ and technology making.

Not Down for the Count

Well it seems I was down but not out. I’m getting back up and getting ready to continue the round. I’m stubborn that way, although this is about the punches life throws one’s way rather than a boxing match or other physical altercation. It seems that there is need for my prescription for the medications that keep me from being depressed and paranoid (although nowhere near a crisis point it really was getting difficult to focus on anything other than the (irrational) worries about negative rumours being told about me in my community) to be adjusted.

Person Imperfect

I'm not perfect, neither are you: "Suck it up buttercup!" Okay, I have hard time saying things like that, even though there are times I am a bit of an ass. As the little quote says, “I’m not perfect”. The thing of which I have to remind myself is that neither is anyone else. We therefore need to learn how to forgive each other the little, or at least not major, stupid mistakes we make socially.

Not So Indefatigable

I may sometimes seem like I “keep on ticking” no matter what happens, or am constantly ‘making noise’ about things. In truth though this is as much acting that way in order to try to make it reality as it a reflection of myself. Unfortunately I am not really so indefatigable, and in fact lately I’m been feeling a bit of discouragement and in a slump. [AUTHOR’S NOTE: Apparently I’m still in a proofreading slump too…]

Personal(ity) Minority

Since I’m working on planning my future and I happened to find out that the local college is having a virtual open house, I decided to take their ‘Career Assessment’, which turns out to be a fairly standard personality test (which wasn’t really all that surprising). It came back with, as usual for the tool this particular test is based on, as INTP. I think the notion of sixteen personality types is a bit hokey, and have serious concerns about how much stock some folks put in these tests, but I find it at least interesting to see, in a general way, how it might help or help me understand myself.

Local Artisan Supporting Mental Health

A local artisan who makes handmade leather products (currently totes, hand bags, and journal covers) presented on their work at the Midland Public Library MakerPlace a while ago. I was unfortunately experiencing some health issues and didn’t post at the time. I find the notion they are attempting: a combined artisan studio and mental health initiative interesting because of my own mental health struggles (not Covid-related). I also love learning new things about how things are made.

Computer Art

Hah! I bet you were expecting me to have to be posting about computer-generated art, not art I’ve created with a computer as the subject!

Covid Project Blues

Sadly this is not a post about a Blues music project during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s just me whining about the fact that one way or another I’ve wrapped up all my tech projects and am feeling something I am not used to (and don’t like); boredom. It’s not that there is nothing that needs doing around the house or nothing at all for me to work on, but that the combination of isolation during Covid combined with having completed (or terminated) all the projects I had on the go means that I’m feeling some what aimless and lost.

Schizophrenia Talk

A fairly comprehensive talk I wrote about my experience with schizophrenia for a ‘CMHA Consumer Conference’ in 2005.

Princes and Madmen

A strange idea came to me in conversation the other day, namely that my experience with schizophrenia helps me understand, just a little, what it must be like to be Prince William. I say this because one of the most persistent symptoms of my schizophrenia is the feeling that everyone is talking critically about me. Some of that feeling is likely due to thought patterns formed while ill remaining even after the physical cause which created those thought patterns has been treated with medication.