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Big topics, small thoughts (updated)

Brought on by the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, the ‘Freedom Convoy’, panic attacks, and the general state of politics, I wander through the minefield of the modern culture wars and trip a few.

Job search hesitancy

With the relaxation of Covid-related restrictions there are many people asking the question “I want to work, but do I want a job?”. This is generally not in the sense of wanting to become self-employed but hesitancy about returning to what has been a largely unhealthy workplace culture. In many ways going to work has felt like we’ve gotten spam instead of the ham we were promised.

Think for yourself — not your guru

Just because your ‘guru’ makes a clever argument, it doesn’t make following them ’thinking for yourself’

Finding Satisfaction

Barring certain dire circumstances, or a medical condition such as ‘clinical’ depression, one can avoid the dangers of dissatisfaction by recognizing one’s own capabilities, abilities, and means to achieve what matters to oneself, and use this in creating a flexible plan to improve. In short, work and play hard, relax, and enjoy life by setting goals which matter to you and that are achievable; If you don’t succeed, try again, “fail better”.

Municipal Meanderings

In a recent letter to editor of MidlandToday.ca I wrote that “We need to give municipalities the legal and financial tools to be able to ensure the safety, well-being and success of all residents”. I now add that we also need to make sure councils are not dysfunctional.

Kudos to Council for Budget 2022 Efforts

Council makes mistakes, as do any humans, but they care and went through a great deal of stress and anguish to give Midland the best budget they could.

Denying Abusive Deniers Treatment

What we should do, but probably won’t; Give two choices: accept the treatment offered without harassing (or worse) those treating you or acknowledge one’s choice of going home and managing on one’s own against doctor’s advice. If you can’t make a choice, you’re not competent to make a decision, so you are on a Form 1 and evaluated for mental health (or other impairment) issues.

Single is Great Except Biology Hates Me

I’ve been single most of my life except for a brief disastrous marriage and am currently single and happy except that biology hates me.

Tired of Not Having Skills to Stop the Hate

Theoretically I know that it’s not all on me, but I’m still tired of my lack of skills for damping down the hate that is destroying us.