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The collected meanderings of an person who has been strange, often lonely, and now finding happiness and healthiness

Princes and Madmen

A strange idea came to me in conversation the other day, namely that my schizophrenia helps me understand what it must be like to be Prince William.

Keeping on keeping on in my old home

I’ve put a couple of things on hold (partly depression, partly situational), like adding volunteering for the Wye Marsh, as well as my first certification exam. I’ve also not moved into a new apartment with my now ex-girlfriend.

Form spam, heat waves, and a new home

Contact form spam rejection: fixed? Melting walking home, a possible new home, and keeping busy, but not burnout busy.

Catching my breath, editing, and improving

I have finally caught my breath after almost burning out as I took on too much when returning to work, and ramping up on cross-skilling (training).

A little heavy on the accelerator

With opportunities I’ve waited for, starting in a sudden rush, along with extra volunteering, I have discovered I’ve been a little heavy on the accelerator.

And I carry a teal umbrella

My neck is wide, my legs are strong, and I carry a teal umbrella. I am a man who knows himself and fears little.I defy intolerance, and go where I will.

The mirror squeaked, into my love's arms I ran

I like the thought of being able to use phrases like “My love, and I” when talking about us, together, so I reworded a verse from an old Sting song.

Of mice and mirrors

In which I bring to mind an old Eurythmics song that goes ‘I could give you a mirror, to show you disappointment’, and leading me to review if I am being mouse or man.

Coldest Night of the Year 2023: Midland

I’ll be volunteering at ‘Coldest Night of the Year’ in Midland on February 25, 2023 because the unhoused need our help. Please, join the walk and fundraise, volunteer, and/or donate.