preferrably non-Vogon

Poetry by Daniel F. Dickinson. It’s not as bad as Vogon poetry (I hope). There are some pieces that others like, so it might be worth a boo.

The "Everything's fine" mask

Poem about the mask we wear when depressed, written under online handle ‘Neofrost’, and pulled from Daniel F. Dickinson’s archives

About the Trash

A ‘heavy atmosphere’ poem about looking for love in a counter-culture bar. (Well maybe it is about rubbish, but that’s a different meaning of the word …)


Short poem about best friends who weren’t, written under the online nickname ‘Perran’. This is a pull from Daniel F. Dickinson’s archives.

Person imperfect

A poem and comments on being imperfect and managing feelings about that. The ‘principle of charity’ towards others is wisely remembered.

My bowels, like water

A poem and discussion of the problem of lactose intolerance and lack of ingredients lists with online grocery shopping.


A silly little poem of loss and longing from the archives. (That is Daniel F. Dickinson’s archives; not everything there is worth pulling back out).


A melancholy poem based on late fall and depression. Another of the few from Daniel F. Dickinson’s archives worth retreiving.

Thoughts on a new room

Short poem about moving into a new personal space. This is a pull from Daniel F. Dickinson’s archives, with mixed memories.