Love and hope, and loss

On love, loss, hope, and all that goes with it. Although often in a roundabout sort of way. From someone who does not know it well.

And I carry a teal umbrella

My neck is wide, my legs are strong, and I carry a teal umbrella. I am a man who knows himself and fears little.I defy intolerance, and go where I will.

Single is great except biology hates me

I’ve been single most of my life except for a brief disastrous marriage and am currently single and happy except that biology hates me.

About the Trash

A ‘heavy atmosphere’ poem about looking for love in a counter-culture bar. (Well maybe it is about rubbish, but that’s a different meaning of the word …)


Short poem about best friends who weren’t, written under the online nickname ‘Perran’. This is a pull from Daniel F. Dickinson’s archives.


A melancholy poem based on late fall and depression. Another of the few from Daniel F. Dickinson’s archives worth retreiving.