Not Down for the Count

Well it seems I was down but not out. I’m getting back up and getting ready to continue the round. I’m stubborn that way, although this is about the punches life throws one’s way rather than a boxing match or other physical altercation. It seems that there is need for my prescription for the medications that keep me from being depressed and paranoid (although nowhere near a crisis point it really was getting difficult to focus on anything other than the (irrational) worries about negative rumours being told about me in my community) to be adjusted.

Person Imperfect

I'm not perfect, neither are you: "Suck it up buttercup!" Okay, I have hard time saying things like that, even though there are times I am a bit of an ass. As the little quote says, “I’m not perfect”. The thing of which I have to remind myself is that neither is anyone else. We therefore need to learn how to forgive each other the little, or at least not major, stupid mistakes we make socially.

A Vexing Question

It not “mirror, mirror on the wall” but the “sound of silence”. Have I asked too many difficult questions, are people simply busy, or what?