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A catch-all for any tech matters (but especially computing) on this blog. Daniel mostly prefers to talk about tech on his other sites

Surviving death warmed over

No offense meant to the bean dish in the cover photo, but it reminds me of the results of an awful bout of food-borne illness I recently experienced. The old cliché of feeling ’like death warmed over’ certainly was on my mind and for some reason that made think of reheated refried beans, so you get the lovely image above and the implications of what was happening when I talk about food borne illness.

No, I have not sold my soul

This is true despite the fact that I am moving my websites (including this one) away from OVHcloud and includes a shift to using Microsoft 365.

Risking portal to the void

So I’ve done it. I’ve initiated the deletion of my Facebook account! [2023-07-10: The more time goes on the more I hate Facebook, now Meta]

Virtual reality: The potentials and the pitfalls

I’ve pulled out an almost thirty year old essay about ‘virtual reality’ from my high school years. Still not here; remember that during the ‘AI’ hype.

Rotten eggs and SPAM

Fortunately I chose to go the moderated route, or my sites would be full of ‘rotten eggs and spam’ (with apologies to Dr. Suess).