and volunteer opportunities

Volunteering as seen by Daniel F. Dickinson, and opportunities for volunteers in his local area

Form spam, heat waves, and a new home

Contact form spam rejection: fixed? Melting walking home, a possible new home, and keeping busy, but not burnout busy.

A little heavy on the accelerator

With opportunities I’ve waited for, starting in a sudden rush, along with extra volunteering, I have discovered I’ve been a little heavy on the accelerator.

Avoiding manipulation, not politics

I believe the ‘silent majority’ is not uninterested in politics; they are simply fed up with political manipulation and misrepresentation (among other things).

Coldest Night of the Year 2023: Midland

I’ll be volunteering at ‘Coldest Night of the Year’ in Midland on February 25, 2023 because the unhoused need our help. Please, join the walk and fundraise, volunteer, and/or donate.

40th anniversary

No not mine. Gateway Centre for Learning in Midland has been ‘putting the unity in community’ for an amazing 40 years.