‘Catchy / Cheesy’ and Opinionated Headlines Here — Not a News Site

Headlines which are catchy (and possibly ‘cheesy’) belong on a personal blog like this one that is personal revelations from the author(s), political opinion, creativity, and (trying to be) artistic prose and poetry, not on a news website, portal, or other source of what should be trusted journalism. Yes, it’s fun to come up with… Continue reading ‘Catchy / Cheesy’ and Opinionated Headlines Here — Not a News Site

Covid Project Blues

Sadly this is not a post about a Blues music project during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s just me whining about the fact that one way or another I’ve wrapped up all my tech projects and am feeling something I am not used to (and don’t like); boredom. It’s not that there is nothing that needs… Continue reading Covid Project Blues

Think for Yourself, Not Your Guru

Briefly: For many people, ‘think for themselves’ really means thinking the same way as their current ‘guru’ , or whatever source(s) they currently view as ‘authoritative’. The problem is that this is not thinking for oneself. Thinking for oneself, though, is not about what sources one listens to, (even if one includes sources one tends… Continue reading Think for Yourself, Not Your Guru

Finding Satisfaction

Barring certain dire circumstances, or a medical condition such as ‘clinical’ depression, one can avoid the dangers of dissatisfaction by recognizing one’s own capabilities, abilities, and means to achieve what is what actually what matters to oneself, and using this in creating a flexible plan to level up.

Dangers of Dissatisfaction

This shouldn’t be a news flash, but being dissatisfied, despairing, or fearful makes you vulnerable to those who would use you. In politics this is especially dangerous as one then tends to be attracted to those who seem like like they are strong, know ‘the answers’, and are ‘willing to take charge’. In my opinion that appearance is not only a sham, but generally hides a desire for control and power that has nothing to do with the best interests of most people.

The Colombian Drug Cartel

For kicks, a high school essay from 30 years ago about a particular cartel — long before the modern opioid crisis. The world has changed, and when it comes to addictions, not for the better it would seem.