Exposed! And a Target?

Apparently not noticing one’s furnace isn’t working can lead to health issues. So, two days ago I realized that the furnace in the house where I live was not working. This was because the temperature had been slowly dropping for some time, and I realized that turning up the temperature (assuming drafts and such) did… Continue reading Exposed! And a Target?

PSA: Northern Aspirations

The municipalities of North Simcoe have a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan Survey currently active (as of 2021-02-23). I highly recommend that if you live in or near Midland, Penetanguishine, Tiny or Tay that you participate in the survey. This is the easiest way to get your input to the municipalities, and seems to be… Continue reading PSA: Northern Aspirations

‘Catchy / Cheesy’ and Opinionated Headlines Here — Not a News Site

Headlines which are catchy (and possibly ‘cheesy’) belong on a personal blog like this one that is personal revelations from the author(s), political opinion, creativity, and (trying to be) artistic prose and poetry, not on a news website, portal, or other source of what should be trusted journalism. Yes, it’s fun to come up with… Continue reading ‘Catchy / Cheesy’ and Opinionated Headlines Here — Not a News Site

If You Don’t Talk, They Won’t Listen

The Government of Ontario has quite a number of surveys (and in some cases other participation opportunities) occurring that are currently open and that’s even without the constant comments periods on proposed changes or additions to regulations. You only have a chance of being heard by these official processes if you participate in them, so… Continue reading If You Don’t Talk, They Won’t Listen

Today the World Will Be a Little Better — We Need That!

Today is Donald Trump’s last day as the president of the United States, and the first day of their incoming president who at least speaks of unifying the country. The US, for better or worse, is a major influence on the world, and most especially on my own country, Canada (sharing a rather long border,… Continue reading Today the World Will Be a Little Better — We Need That!

Frontline Still Forgotten

In a previous post I opined that we need to remember forgotten frontline workers like grocery clerks, on the assumption that health care, including LTC (long term care) workers were not forgotten. I was apparently too optimistic based on an letter to the editor on Our seniors and those who care for them are… Continue reading Frontline Still Forgotten

Data Responsibly

We need mandatory third party security and privacy audits to matter as much to the directors and shareholders as financial audits. Shareholders wanting to be protected from fraud and misrepresentation by companies understating the risks and overstating potential rewards for the investors is what had lead to governments requiring public corporations to have third party financial audits.

I Support Local, But…

Local journalism is a great thing to support, but there are limits to what that means. In this case I plan on cancelling my subscription to (including the paper subscription to ‘The Mirror’, sadly) because of their excessive use of tracking technology on their website.

Dangers of Dissatisfaction

This shouldn’t be a news flash, but being dissatisfied, despairing, or fearful makes you vulnerable to those who would use you. In politics this is especially dangerous as one then tends to be attracted to those who seem like like they are strong, know ‘the answers’, and are ‘willing to take charge’. In my opinion that appearance is not only a sham, but generally hides a desire for control and power that has nothing to do with the best interests of most people.