And we all get together

the more we do, the happier we will be

Of course, I’m talking about collaborating virtually on the design of a website theme, not a gathering of the vaccinated (nor the foolish tantrum rallies of Covid-deniers).

If you’ve followed the ‘PaperMod’ link at the bottom of this page, you will have noticed that the basic ‘PaperMod’ theme looks a bit different from what appears on my site. I have tweaked the design, and I’m planning (like many before me) to offer the changes I consider improvements to the original theme developer. In that way the theme can be improved for many users.

That is the kind of positive collaboration I enjoy, and for which I strive. Unfortunately, the open source world is often messy and unhappy, and the basic concept gets lost (or gets drowned out by those who treat it like a ‘product’ even though they rarely pay for it, nor make significant contributions of time and effort to improve the work of others).

In any event I am glad to do my bit for a positive interaction. That works a lot better now that I’ve recovered a great deal from my crises years, and I am looking to further my education or employment by mid 2022.

I can’t say it wasn’t torture, but the will to survive and thrive is strong.