Local artisan supporting mental health

leather products and a blog

A local artisan who makes handmade leather products (currently totes, hand bags, and journal covers) presented on their work at the Midland Public Library MakerPlace a while ago. I was unfortunately experiencing some health issues and didn’t post at the time. I find the notion they are attempting: a combined artisan studio and mental health initiative interesting because of my own mental health struggles (not Covid-related). I also love learning new things about how things are made.

I admit though that, in addition to the really great fellow Makers who make presented at the MakerPlace, I hope that we will see some pure ‘STEM’ professionals (other than myself) and/or businesses from the area who show us a bit about what they are doing, and hopefully help us (the MakerPlace folks) learn some new skills along the way.

I’d also love the opportunity to link to some local businesses not only on this crazy site, but also (or only) on my ’technical / professional’ website (with permission of course). Hopefully that is not something scares away potential presenters!