T -2 and personal reset

not the 'big red button' kind

No it’s not the ‘big red button’! T -2 means out reality is going to get a bit of reset toward sanity, normalcy, and cooperation. [2023-07-10: Well I had hopes….] My goal is to also use this opportunity for a ‘personal reset’. I mentioned that I had wrapped up all my projects. Well, I’ve also started the process of rebuilding myself and deciding ‘what I’m going to do with my life’. I’ve reached out to counsellors and such for the exercise and I’ve set a personal goal that by next year (2022) to have ‘reset’ and gotten my life back on track, for whatever I decide is my future.

I’ve shared about my mental health struggles, but at this point the medication is working, and I am feeling well and ready for the challenges that life brings. I’m ready to change my life, how about you?